I alone can do it. But I can’t do it alone.

We’re the luckiest people alive because we don’t have to do anything alone! Whether we have a new assignment to tackle, a new relationship to cultivate, a new boss to please, we’ll never fail as long as we rely on the program, our sponsors, and our Higher Power.

That doesn’t mean we won’t have trying times and some failures. But the companionship we need for handling the difficult periods will never be denied us. Perhaps we think it will. Maybe that’s why we try to do too much alone.

We didn’t end up in this Twelve Step program as the result of living peaceful, productive lives. We’re here because we got scared. Our lives weren’t working. And they won’t work now if we insist on doing it alone. This is our second chance. Let’s take it.

I will seek the support I need from friends and God today. I’ll have a good day because of this.

I have no clue where I would be without my sponsor, people at 12-step meetings, and my friends in recovery. My support network means the world to me. Throughout every single day I find support at 12-step meetings, talking with my sponsor on the phone or meeting him in person, phone calls, seeing friends in recovery around town and in yoga, and helping a newcomer. When I am alone, I am left to my own devices. Being left to my own devices can easily lead me down the wrong path. I want to stay on my path of long term recovery and I am going to keep coming back. 

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