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I used to focus on the things in my life that I didn’t have or that did not work out the way I wished they had. I felt like I had failed at many things,  Before I was able to get truly sober, I not only had to learn to accept things the way they are, but, furthermore, become grateful for what I HAVE. Becoming grateful for the smallest things, even having a pillow to lay my head on at night, changed my life. It was then that I had the “spiritual experience” that’s talked about in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. For me, it wasn’t overnight, but it occurred over time. One day, I realized that not only was I a much happier person, but my obsession to drink was no longer there.

After years of trying to get and stay sober, it came down to gratitude. I surround myself with people in recovery who do the same in their lives. Having this community of support is critical for my continued recovery, as well as building the life I want for myself and my children. I have been able to walk my adult children through struggles in their life and teach them healthy ways to work through tough situations. My daughter was going through a tough time after being relocated across the country for work recently. I suggested we text each other a gratitude list of 5 things each day.  I saw the “promise” coming true for me when I received my daughter’s list one morning and the words “MY MOMMA” were at the top. I can honestly say: today, I am a grateful recovering alcoholic.

Written by Amy Peters

About Camelback Recovery

Camelback Recovery provides sober living homes and recovery coaching in a structured and supportive environment that promotes long term transformational changes in our clients by focusing on 12-Step fundamentals, human connection, and accountability. Camelback Recovery is a community committed to promoting and supporting sober living in Arizona. Our sober living home in Phoenix provides a structured environment that encourages behavioral and emotional control to empower individuals recovering from drug or alcohol abuse.