Camelback Sober Living updates:

  • We sent out an email a while back stating that we were becoming a coed program. At this time, we are exclusively serving me. The plan is to open a female home in the near future. Stay tuned!
  • The all-inclusive monthly rate is $1500. If food is valued at $600 per month, which is a conservative number, then the monthly rate without food is $900. $900 per month translates to $203 per week!

  • Gourmet meals are served five nights per week

  • Pre-made breakfasts are available daily. Pre-made breakfasts are typically made with ground turkey, egg whites, onions and peppers, and topped with Sriracha. An avocado is a tasty addition to this healthy, high-protein meal.

  • Pre-made salad mix is available for daily lunches. Salad mix typically includes mixed greens, sweet peppers, onions, mushrooms, blueberries, and sunflower seeds. Seasoned, shredded chicken is portioned out and in the refrigerator ready to add to the salad for a tasty lunchtime meal. 

  • There is ALWAYS an abundance of healthy food at Camelback Sober Living!

  • Lastly, all men in our home are attending IOP together. This makes our program an excellent step-down or alternative to inpatient treatment.

Camelback Sober Living will have a booth at the Art of Recovery, which is this Saturday September 19th at the Phoenix Convention Center. Hope to see you there!