Sober Living Houses in Arizona

Staying sober can be one of the most stressful things you do in early recovery. With so much stress it’s only natural to need places where you could unwind. When I first got into sober living it was really hard for me to stop my brain from racing with ideas or things that I had to do or accomplish. As I got through my steps I became much more aware of my feelings and began to avoid things that overstressed me. Although avoiding places and things that brought stress into my mind was helpful it did not solve the overall problem. At that point, I turn to my spiritual advisor, my sponsor, for some much-needed advice. My sponsor had me pray on my knees every morning and set aside 30 minutes to an hour to meditate. Meditation is still one of the few things that can ground me in almost any stressful situation when I’m unable to leave the home.

There are other great places where you can take in the scenery and really let any negative thoughts go. What I like to do nowadays is go on a hike and look over the city that I’m in. Taking in a beautiful view and also realizing how huge everything really is in comparison to you or whatever problem you might be facing sometimes gives me a good perspective on my anxiety. Exercising also releases endorphins and can be a really good pick me up when everything else seems to be going wrong. Whether your kickboxing and literally taking it out on a punching bag or in a yoga class where you breathe out the stress from your body exercise in any form is a great way to relieve stress. I also find that churches or a synagogue sometimes bring a feeling of peace to me (even if I’m not necessarily religious). There is also something quite tranquil about looking into an aquarium and watching is the fish seamlessly float by so I would highly recommend visiting an aquarium or perhaps the museum and taking in something spectacular and recognizing how it makes you feel. Whatever you choose or wherever you go just know that whatever life throws at you… ‘this too shall pass’.

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Written By Dani Maldonado